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They are located In the Aluches territory, traditionally in the south-east of Mexico: Quintana Roo, Yucatan and Campeche. We speak of them naturally. A lot of peasants swear they saw them, especially herbalists and wizards who often go into the rain forest. Some even say that sometimes if they’re lost, they guide them and even help them to find some varieties of plants. They are just like children: they like to play and laugh among each other, even if people can see them. It is said that they were freed from sorrow by a very powerful witch to whom they offered a gift in gratitude: a gigantic egg. They take care of the treasures that belong to the Mayas who live in the area because they were their loyal companions. Some say that those who can see them are hypnotized by their beauty and their happiness. Flowers are their passion so you must give some to them from time to time. They hate bad smells so to help against that, you must burn sandalwood incense once a month for them.

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