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Great Wizards -|- Taliesin

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Fruit of a spell, Taliesin was born to the witch Ceriwden. The mother should have killed the new born child, but, as he was so beautiful, the witch could not do so and , instead, she put the baby in a skin bag and abandoned him in the middle of the ocean. Elphin who happened to be fishing just then, found the child and brought him home, where he grew up. Taliesin had extraordinary artistic talents. From his birth, as fruit of a magic spell, he was endowed with infinite wisdom and knowledge. When he was 13, Elphin, his adoptive father, was taken prisoner in the kingdom of Gwynddno and the child set off to free him. To do so, Taliesin bet the king that he was able to compose a poem faster that any of his bards, and he won the betting. Elphin was released. When he grew up, it seems that Taliesin went to King Arthur´s court and became his master bard as well as the king´s adviser.

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