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I live in a world of unity, in a real world, where all can be heard , all can be seen, all can be known, because this All is myself. You live in an unreal world, a Dual world. You feel split from all the others and, at the same time, you cannot stand being alone. We are caught in the nets of time, where all has a beginning and an end. Always longing for love and not knowing that your are already deeply loved. In my world, which is also your world, time does not exist, all is Eternal, like your heart. There is no space either and therefore, no distance no splitting. Like me, you are the creators of your own world, although, as you are caught amid your many unreachable dreams, your lovers┬┤desires, among guilt feelings and past conflicts, your thoughts cannot flow freely, like a clear water river. Instead, they form a blurred, dense and unclear cloud all around you. That is why you create pain and uneasiness once and again. So, listen, listen to your heart, because there you will find all the wisdom which is in the world, because it will help you to Remember. My thoughts are as pure as glass and thus all that I have created. If you wish it, I can help you with getting back to the flow of Life. You need but say my name and what I am shall flow freely through your heart.

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