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Melusina, like the Queen in Snow-White thinks she is the prettiest woman in the world. When she had kids, she couldn’t stand the fact that one day, her six daughters could be even more prettier than she actually is. That is why she locked them up in a hidden castle in a wood and she casted them a spell: “For one century, they would be Daughters of the Sea, from Friday night to Saturday, they will symbolize the moon, the sun, the wind, the waves, the clouds and the peace”. Long time after that, a young lad found the enchanted castle and the beautiful prisoners. He fell in love with the youngest one and married her. One day, he followed her in secret to the crypt of a chapel where he saw a woman – snake swimming in a fountain and yelling sounds of happiness. When she got back to the castle, he told her about his indiscretion, and called her “a monster of the Sea”. The young lady stumbled and explained the spell. The period of 100 years was almost over, she only had one Friday left and she would have been free from the spell. Now, she will be a daughter of the Sea forever. The castle collapsed and a happy wind started to blow.

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