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Krasnoludek After the apparition of humans and their cupidity, the elves were contaminated by many miasmas that reduced their vitality and made them vulnerable to diseases they didn’t know at the time. Doctor Krasnoludek, a very special elf, like every elf, was raised in Europe in the North-East territories and he learnt like better than anyone else Hippocrates’ science. He is known to be a peaceful character but he makes what we call « war on his behalf ». He is a doctor with a fierce and likeable appearance. But behind this mask he hides an anarchic, cheeky and sarcastic spirit, and he’s totally committed to helping anyone who suffers from a disease or depression. If you call upon him with respect you will receive a valuable help to cure any disease or pain, either yours, your friends or family. You must leave him a cup of red wine on the Saint John’s night to receive more benefits from him. Dr. Salanova Serrat – Psychiatrist

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