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Tale and Legend Elves -|- Edneud

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Edneud usually appears to small humans (boys and girls) who learnt to call him telepathically and can also make himself visible to some adults as long as they have kept their inner child heart and spirit. He can transform in many things: a doll, a kitty and he can also reach an almost human size. In his magical presence he can convey his happiness and make you dance and sing on entertaining rhythms or make you laugh until you get possessed by the treble clef (crazy for music). He is a protector of the children’s innocence and the blue planet (waters, animals and plants). He will help and grand wishes to those who work for peace for this millennium. Ah! If you try to be cheeky and stupid he will pull your hair. Edneud teaches to the youngest how to dress and lace up their shoes.

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