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At the time when Dagda reigned over the hills of Ireland, Angus, an Elf prince, fell in love in very odd circumstances… One night, while he was sleeping, Angus dreamed that he was feeling the softness of silk and breathed the fresh smell of apple flowers. He saw a light , very close to his bed, and then a column of light that moved and shone until it turned into a woman. This woman, Caer, called Angus by his name and played a magical melody on her lute. Then, while the last tones were still in the air, she disappeared. From then on, Angus kept looking for her through the whole kingdom, and even stopped eating and drinking. Eventually, he met her, although he found out that she was living one year as a swan and the other as a human. His love was so strong that he decided to become a swan in order to live for ever with his beloved Caer.

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