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Great Wizards -|- Bridgit

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The name of Brigit comes from the Gaelic word “Brig”, that reminds of power and authority and means “ The Greatest” or the “The Most Worshipped”. According to the Irish mythology, Brigit would be Dagda´s daughter. Brigit is, at the same time, a simple and triple goddess and she is very often represented with her two identical sisters, always dressed in vaporous clothes. She is traditionally seen as the protector of poetry and handcrafts and also of doctors. She also protects women in labour. Brigit is the spirit of fertility. The day of her feast “Imbolc” is on the 1st. of February, which is when Gaelic people still hold one of their major festivals. Brigit is magically associated with the fire. To get her protection, you must keep a flame burning in her honour.

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