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About Pep Catalá

Pep Catalá

This artist is, in a few words, a rescuer of old, forgotten traditions in the form of their magic beings. Those that can wake up anyone's fantasy and support their dreams by evoking the ancient cultures.

Pep Catala

Pep Catalá

Creator of the elves, fairies, gnomes and much more...

His words

"Our elves are made to teach pacifism and be grateful with the nature for what it gives us. I started to write the stories of our little friends based on books of high wisdom and knowledge, Celtic culture and popular knowledge of whom has lived and still live in the fields. From all of them, I learnt a lot. Everybody fights against the power of the money which is clearly a losing battle. The only hope we should have is waiting for people to open their mind and realize the importance of the nature, look at a wood and appreciate the beauty of what earth gave us."

"We must educate our kids to love, read, and share not to fight with tanks, arms and wounds. What I really wanted to do is a little homage to the nature, I’d like to make people think about the world we live in and come back to the true values. I felt like I have a message more important than a simple doll. If you read all the stories of the Elves’ book, there is no bad story; some of the Elves have strong features but never bad. All the stories have a moral and teach you something.”

Pep Catalá

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